Artículos sobre radio comunitaria

La revista Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture dedica su último número a la radio comunitaria con los siguientes artículos:

Salvatore Scifo

Kerrie Foxwell, Jacqui Ewart, Susan Forde and Michael Meadows
Sounds like a whisper:
Australian Community Broadcasting hosts a quiet revolution
Stefania Milan
What makes you happy?
Insights into feelings and muses of community radio practitioners

Dickie Wallace
Reinventing the Wheel vs. Grinding the Same Old Axe:

An Ethnographic View of the Students and Community Members at a Massachusetts College Radio Station

Jan Pinseler
The Politics of Talk on German Free Radio Stations

Özden Cankaya, H.Serhat Güney and M.Emre Köksalan
Turkish Radio broadcasts in The Netherlands:
Community Communication or Ethnic Market?

Book reviews

Lawrie Hallett
The Alternative Media Handbook and Understanding Alternative Media

Fredrik Stiernstedt
Other Voices. The Struggle for Community Radio in India

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