Cien días del secuestro de Alan Johnston

Alan Johnston banner

Hoy se cumplen 100 días desde el secuestro en Gaza de Alan Johnston, periodista de la BBC. La programación de la cadena y sus compañeros se suman a una vigilia en su recuerdo y dejan como testimonio una lección de periodismo del propio Johnston:

But the aim is absolutely not to smother the story with a search for some sort of formulaic, 50/50-style balance. If the truth is that the Israelis, or the Palestinians, have simply acted appallingly, then of course that is exactly what the piece must end up saying.
And that business of putting yourself in the shoes of the people in the story can only be done if you listen and listen to them. If the people involved are willing to put up with your endless presence, then the details start to emerge.

Campaña y firmas para su liberación.