Convergencias y Divergencias de las noticias online

News and the Net: Convergences and Divergences es el título del último número de la Revista Scan donde se discute el desarrollo de las noticias online e incluye artículos sobre las sinergias entre la participación ciudadana y el poder de los grandes medios de comunicación. Chris Atton y Graham Meikle son los editores de este volumen:

The papers collected in this issue help us chart this emerging territory. The authors share a concern with developing new methodological approaches. They offer work which is empirically-informed as well as theoretically-grounded. From one perspective, these papers can be seen to engage with aspects of convergence, from multi-platform publishing to concentrated ownership — the comings-together of content, communications and computing; of industries and audiences; of models and modes (Boczkowski 2004; Castells 2000; Pool 1983; Rice 1999). From another perspective, these essays are concerned with the opposites of convergence, with ways in which Net use can enable new configurations of news production, distribution and reception; new modes of authorship and audiencehood; new kinds of producer and consumer: pluralisation, multiplication, fragmentation — divergence (Atton 2004; Bruns 2005; Lovink 2002; Meikle 2002).


Wikinews: The Next Generation of Alternative Online News?
Axel Bruns

Disaggregating Online News: The Canadian Federal Election, 2005-2006
Greg Elmer, Zach Devereaux & David Skinner

Democracy & Online News: Indymedia and the Limits of Participatory Media
Lee Salter

News on the Net: A critical analysis of the potential of online alternative journalism to challenge the dominance of mainstream news media
Trish Bolton

The Daily Show, Crossfire, and the Will to Truth
Megan Boler

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