Tesis sobre blogs

Listado de tesis sobre blogs publicado en el wiki de NewPR:

Jefrey Hill: (PDF) The Voice of the Blog: The Attitudes and Experiences of Small Business Bloggers Using Blogs as a Marketing and Communications Tool, Noviembre 2005

Scott Nowson
: (PDF)The Language of Weblogs: A study of genre and individual differences, Octubre 2005

Dan Li: (PDF) Why Do You Blog: A Uses-and-gratifications Inquiry into Bloggers’ Motivations, Agosto 2005

Carol A. Savery: (PDF) Innovators or Laggards: Surveying Diffusion of Innovations by Public Relations Practitioners, Agosto 2005

James Torio: (PDF) Blogs. A Global Conversation – A Master’s Thesis on the Social Phenomenon of Blogs, Agosto 2005

Markus Westner: (PDF) Weblog service providing: Identification of functional requirements and evaluation of existing weblog services in German and English languages, Agosto 2004

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